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Oxygen Skincare

Oxygen Skincare | Problem Skin Pack

Oxygen Skincare | Problem Skin Pack

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3 Steps a day keeps acne away!

Using Natural Skincare Solutions

This specialised set of three skincare products is crafted with 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand and designed to provide relief for skin conditions, restoring balance and vitality.

🌿 Step 1 - Deep Clean and Energise

Use the 2 in 1 Cleanser in this pack to deep clean the pores of your skin. The gentle pumice removes dirt, oil and impurities and prepares your skin to fight off acne bacteria. The process leaves your skin feeling clean, alive and energised.

🌿 Step 2 - Cool & Tone

By applying the fine mist spray of the Toner in this pack you get to instantly calm and cool your skin. This process neutralises excess oil to reduce shine and minimise the appearance of pores.

🌿 Step 3 - Moisturise

Enhance the look and feel of your skin by using the Soothing Moisturiser as a final step. This non-greasy crème moisturiser complements and enhances the acne-fighting that you have started and locks in all the benefits of the first two steps.

SCIENTIFICALLY shown to help prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria by up to 85% within 24hours!*

The Benefits

Deep clean your skin with superfine pumice particles that act as a gentle exfoliant.

Soothe, tone and fight redness with New Zealand Organic Hop Extract and exploit nature’s anti-bacterial miracle worker.

Hydrate, balance and soften your skin with organic Jojoba Oil.

Heal damaged skin with Vitamin E and Organic Aloe extract


Additional Information

Size: 200ml 2 in 1 Cleanser, 50ml Toner, 50ml Soothing Moisturiser

*In-vitro studies, independently test by TRINITY BIOACTIVE Laboratories, Wellington New Zealand 2018

**Please note special offers cannot be purchased on subscription and cannot be purchased with other discount codes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Lyndsay Sharp

wonderful my daughter loves it, she loves using natural products

Great for sensitive skin

Gentle for young, sensitive skin. Speedy delivery and an excellent service.

Amanda Wright
I loved this package

I loved this skincare, its so easy to do because there isn't many steps. It cleared up my skin, and made it look and feel so much better. I have quite problem skin that chooses to be dry one day and oily the naxt and I found this and the blemish gel for problem skin and my skin is so much clearer!

Sarah S
Part of my everyday skincare

I love this toner and use it everyday as the first thing that goes on my skin to give a good base for the rest of my skincare. Particularly good to apply before things like hyaluronic acid which require some moisture to draw from. Works best when using moisturiser to lock it all in, otherwise will leave the skin slightly sticky.

Shania Roseler
My skin has never felt so fresh

I have finally found a skincare product that has actually made my skin feel fresh and clean and didn’t break me out! It’s quite a distance on where it’s coming from, but well worth it!