Alana - the owner of Oxygen natural skincareAlana and her husband Colin Oldham have been pioneers in the organics business for over 20 years. Setting up her own natural skincare brand, Oxygen Skincare, has evolved from this wealth of experience.

We are proud to say that every Oxygen product contains the hugely beneficial organic hop extract grown on Colin and Alana’s organic hop farm – New Hoplands, near Nelson. New Hoplands is Australasia’s largest organic hop producer. In 2013 Colin was awarded The Knight of the Order of the Hop, the most prestigious award given in the International Hop Industry, for his pioneering of organic hops.

Alana has extensive knowledge of the beauty industry. She owned the Spotlight Modelling Agency in Christchurch, as well as operating Purity 3, a grooming and deportment school of her own creation, for over 18 years.

Alana and her family are based in Nelson, one of the most beautiful provinces in New Zealand and she is excited to be launching Oxygen Skincare products worldwide via her website.

Alana enjoys working with teenagers and has developed a special Oxygen range for teen skins. But it is working alongside and teaching people of all ages about the optimum ways to care for your skin that is Alana’s focus.

Alana is proud to say that Oxygen Skincare products contain only natural and organic ingredients.

I’m a passionate advocate of natural skincare and am thrilled to have introduced the Oxygen range. I truly believe it is a visionary product that will benefit all skin types. I have spent years developing these wonderful products, my passion also remains in educating people in the best techniques to get the highest benefits from the Oxygen skincare range.