Oxygen Skincare solutions are backed by science, although, it's important and exciting to see first-hand how they can work for you!

"I've been chopping and changing my skin care a lot, and have had a constant battle with red, inflamed and sore breakout. Using Oxygen was quite a big change for me as I tend to use salon brands with active ingredients. It took a few weeks for my skin to react to the new skin care which is a given, however once it did the main improvement I noticed was the texture and the soreness. Generally when I get breakouts, they're sore to the touch however over the past 10 weeks my skin has been less prone to soreness with breakouts. I still got the occasional breakout, but my skin and texture has improved so much!"

"Before going on the 10 week challenge with Oxygen Skincare, I had very very intense, inflamed, cystic acne on my cheeks, jawline,  neck and chin area. Since starting with Oxygen, after about 3 weeks of use twice daily, my skin has finally started to normalise (inflammation went down and breakouts reduced a lot) and started to look like skin again and not a gravel road!" - problem skin trial participant

"I have noticed a decrease in my breakouts, and that some of my blackheads have become dislodged, making it easy to exfoliate them away.The gel cleanser does a really good job at removing excess oil and makeup and I love the tiny beads of pumice - they give just the right amount of gentle exfoliation." problem skin trial participant

"The products have helped reduce and calm down my redness. It almost feels like it cools down my skin and settles it. My skin still has redness but the feeling is refreshed and glowing and the redness is reducing. So to have all that in a few weeks is amazing!" problem trial participant