With scientific evidence to back our problem skin products,
there is nothing more important to us than seeing first hand how they are working for you all!

We absolutely love seeing the results our
100% natural problem skin products are having on the world,
one fresh face at a time.


 This months fantastic feature is from a new member to the Oxygen family, Louisa! Louisa was suddenly faced with hormonal breakouts that she was struggling to keep at bay, she shared her story on her instagram showing her results within as little as five days. Thanks so much for sharing with us Louisa!

Skin before using Oxygen natural skincareSkin after using Oxygen natural skincare




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Below are some featured results from problem skin trials and long term Oxygen customers.

Skin before and after using Oxygen natural skincareBefore and After Problem Skin with Oxygen natural skincare
"Before going on the 10 week challenge with Oxygen Skincare, I had very very intense, inflamed, cystic acne on my cheeks, jawline,  neck and chin area. Since starting with Oxygen, after about 3 weeks of use twice daily, my skin has finally started to normalise (inflammation went down and breakouts reduced a lot) and started to look like skin again and not a gravel road!" - problem trial participant 2018
Skin before and after using Oxygen natural skincareSkin before and after using Oxygen natural skincareSkin before and after using Oxygen natural skincare
"I have noticed a decrease in my breakouts, and that some of my blackheads have become dislodged, making it easy to exfoliate them away.The gel cleanser does a really good job at removing excess oil and makeup and I love the tiny beads of pumice - they give just the right amount of gentle exfoliation." problem trial participant 2018
Before and After Pigmentation and problem skin scaring with oxygen natural skincareSkin before and after using Oxygen natural skincare
"The products have helped reduce and calm down my redness. It almost feels like it cools down my skin and settles it. My skin still has redness but the feeling is refreshed and glowing and the redness is reducing. So to have all that in a few weeks is amazing!" problem trial participant 2018