We are proud to say that the hero ingredient (yes, as in SUPER hero) that is in every single one of our natural products is the Organic Hop Extract.

We're quite proud of our little buds, and rightly so as we grow this extract on our very own family farm. Okay so us ladies might leave the farming part to the lads of the family but this is totally a 'what's mine is yours babe' situation with our award-winning, Husband Hop Farm - New Hoplands, situated around sunny Nelson NZ.
Read on below around why hops are not only great in beer, but also skin care and check out this featured video on our recent hop harvest, right from the vine all the way to being dried and shipped off for processing!
But what on earth is a 'hop' you may be thinking, well here is the low down;
Hops are most commonly known for their contribution to the bitterness of the popular, thirst quenching beverage, beer! 
However, the research gods have shown us that it also happens to be extremely beneficial in hair and skin care products and we happen to agree!

The New Zealand Organic Hop extract has properties that help protect, soothe, and revitalize the skin, while decreasing the appearance of blood vessels. This extract assists in producing a softer and more supple skin appearance through helping to improve collagen production, delay visible signs of ageing and reduce dark spots, all while having skin toning effects. The hop extract not only possesses two potent antibacterials but also contain anti-inflammatory tannins as well as natural plant estrogens that promote hormonal balance, assisting in combat against irritations such as; acne and redness.  

Anti-inflammatory properties: 
The bitter principle in the hop are the humulones - these can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and decrease surface blood vessels. We have seen this is particularly beneficial in our range for those of you with problematic skin conditions, the hop aims to reduce the heat and redness in the base of acne and blemishes and can also be beneficial with conditions like rosacea.

Antiseptic properties: 
The extracts of Hops are rich in several compounds that make it an effective cleanser and antiseptic, it has shown to prevent five of the major acne causing bacteria.
What's better than getting rid of acne quickly? Preventing it in the first place!

Age delaying properties: 
The Xanthohumol found in the Hop is known to restrain elastase and matrixmetalloproteinases. (I promise you, I tried to google easier names to explain these enzymes to you all but these are their names and that would be like me trying to change your name - it would be just rude!)  Let's focus on the positives here, these enzymes in our skin are a significant cause of skin aging because they break down collagen and elastin fibres. 
When good ol' Xanthohumol comes along from our friend Mr Hop this decreases these enzymes defence, meaning that collagen and elastin levels go up to begin improving skin structure... can you say 'goodbye wrinkles!'